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5 Favorite Wedding Moments

July 11, 2017

Do you have a particular photography style in mind for your wedding? Wedding photography was high on the priority list for me, and I really wanted someone who could capture the "candid" moments throughout the day.

I highly recommend having a "must shoot" list prepared for your photographer that includes the different combinations of people for posed group photos, but also includes all of your "wish list" items. Here are my top 5 favorite wedding moments to have captured, with examples all from "real weddings" that I've attended. Be sure to click on the photos for couple names & better views! Photographer credits in footnotes. 


Top 5 Favorite Wedding Moments


1. Bride's Entrance

There's something about how her friends and loved ones seem to hold their breath as the bride is about to make her grand appearance, and then all in unison gasp in surprise at her beauty when she does appear (but what were they all expecting to be so surprised?). And of course, we all know to look back at the groom and see his response.



2. First Dance
Though not every couple chooses to share a first dance, I highly encourage it. Not only will it make for some sweet photos to cherish, but it also serves as an intimate time to press pause on the party and connect with your new life partner. The wedding day can be such a blur, and a first dance let's you conscientiously "take it all in."



 3. Genuine Moments
Often referred to as the "candids," I love these kinds of captures: a genuine hug, an unposed (yet perfect) shot filled with raw emotion, randomly making eye contact with the photographer... These are my favorite kinds of wedding pictures.


 4. Steamy Couple Shots
Yes, I said steamy. Of all the posed (read: not candid) photographs from a wedding, the steamy couple shots are definitely the ones I really like. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have a picture of the entire family who attended, but the intimate first moments as husband and wife so beautifully captured are really what I enjoy seeing in a frame on the mantel.


5. Exit Kisses
There are so many unique exit ideas: sparklers, bubbles, glow sticks, flowers, outstretched arms... but my favorite part of the exit shots are when the groom steals a kiss from the bride as they're running away from their wedding day and fast towards their lifelong future. In fact, I'm frequently the guest who starts chanting "KISS!!!!" as they leave, just in case they needed a reminder. Don't tell on me.



 What about you--what's on your "must shoot" list?

Do you have any wedding moments you want to be sure you capture?



Photog Credits

Emily & Rene: Hannah Breland Photography 

Courtney & Austin: Anna Routh Photography

Lauren & Daniel: Daniel Routh

Nicole & Michael: Spencer Moon Photography

Meaghan & David: Zac & Kaitlin Photography  

Lindsey & Matt: Merrick Rhodes Photography

Cat & Matt: Lightbloom Photography 


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